Standards and Corrections Policy


We endeavour to be correct in our reporting, clear and thorough in our sourcing, and honest and impartial in our analysis. TechBomb strives to confirm and corroborate records through various avenues wherever possible. Whenever necessary, we provide anonymity to sources who require it when bringing information valuable for the public good. All journalists we work with are educated in our editorial code, and required to observe it when creating their submissions.

TechBomb News Corrections Policy

TechBomb News works to correct any misstatements in a timely manner, with a correction notice appended clearly on a piece of writing to highlight what has been fixed and how. More prominent notices may be employed for particularly egregious errors. If you suspect you’ve noticed an error, we’d be genuinely grateful if you could inform us. On footer of any TechBomb article page, you will see our contact info. Any reader may email us, and we will endeavour to reply as quickly as possible: