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Canadians shut out of St. Andrews Open 2022 Golf Broadcast Coverage

Canadians shut Open Coverage with no access to streaming service or broadcaster carrying late day groups

The 150th Open at St. Andrews is seeing some historic moments unfold, including perhaps Tiger Woods final appearance during the event at the home of golf in Scotland.

For Canadians who want to enjoy coverage it appears they will not be able to participate in this history after late day coverage, including Tiger’s final 9 holes, moved from The Golf Channel to Peacock TV. Unfortunately for Canada the peacock app is not available in the country. It appears that the home of Canadian sports TSN (Rogers) and Sportsnet (Bell) are not covering the event live either. This has left golf fans who have waited for 150 years for this moment in a bind.

Golf has been under a civil war of late because of the emergence of the LIV Golf tour, who utilize Youtube as their primary provider of content and coverage. It appears that during all of this controversy and pleading to ensure that golf fans stay loyal to the PGA Tour and accompanying golf bodies who run major tournaments that Canada would simply be overlooked.

With applications streaming nearly every piece of content ever created there is no scarcity for digital entertainment these days. Unless that entertainment is live sports. On a day when Canadians enjoy the rich heritage of the commonwealth through a sport played on a course twice as old as the USA’s existence it would appear that the monopoly held on media in Canada has not served the country very well.

No response yet as to why?


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