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Canadian Ross Video CEO “No One Likes a Bully”, Halts Business with Russia; Donates to Ukraine

CEO David Ross says: "No one likes a bully"

The world is alarmed at the situation evolving in Eastern Europe with almost all countries unanimously condemning the war waged on Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The outrage has sparked international sanctions with global companies following suit by pulling business relationships out of Russia in opposition to the invasion.

Ross Video Speaks out on Ukraine situation, sends message to President Putin

Ross Video is a privately held Canadian company that designs and manufactures equipment for live event and video production is the latest to join that list. The company is recognized as one of the industry leaders worldwide. The company took the step of strongly condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and is supporting humanitarian relief efforts by donating $100,000 in support of Ukraine.

The company CEO David Ross shares a Ukrainian heritage with the embattled nation and said “I encourage other Canadian business leaders and anyone who has the means to condemn this invasion and to provide meaningful financial support to Ukraine. Together, we can make a difference and send a strong message to President Putin and those still supporting him.”

Last week, prior to international sanctions being imposed, Ross halted all shipments to Russia and severed support for Ross products already in the country. 

“As a company, we rarely comment on geopolitical affairs. However, we are compelled to support the Ukrainian people and their remarkable efforts to defend their homeland. Like hundreds of thousands of other Canadians, I am proud of my Ukrainian heritage. I simply cannot sit idly by while President Putin’s forces attack cities, civilians, and democracy itself.”

Ross Video Full Statement
David Ross, CEO Ross Video

Ross Video CEO condemns Vladimir Putin and Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Ross’s CEO went on to say in a Linked In post:

“I really hope for the day when neither initiative is required.

If you are an individual or a business leader, I encourage you to consider what you also can do to help the people of Ukraine.

My company, Ross Video, makes products that are used by broadcasters and media around the world. We sell to everyone and as a result our products are used to share many different messages and ideas. I’m proud of that and also accept that countries will manage their internal affairs their own way. 

I draw a line when:
A country attacks another country
…and its civilians
…for wanting to be free and democratic
…and denies their right to even exist.

I’d still feel that way even if my mother’s parents didn’t come from Ukraine, but since they do, I’ll add that reason as well.

No one likes a bully.”


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