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Tim Hortons is re-evaluating all packaging through its sustainability platform

TORONTO, ON – Canadian retailers and fast food companies are under pressure to improve the impact on our world. In December the federal government introduced measures to remove ban all harmful single use plastics after examining hundreds of scientific studies and other sources of evidence, which confirmed that plastic pollution is everywhere in the environment and that it has harmful environmental impacts. This has forced the hand of companies to reevaluate how they impact our environment. Most recently, prior to government announcements, Walmart moved to remove all single use plastic bags from their operation. As the undisputed king of coffee and donuts across the nation Tim Hortons’ impact is undeniable. The company is making efforts to reduce that impact according to Paul Yang, Director of Innovation and Sustainability at Tim Hortons.

Tim Hortons new beverage lids will add up to reduced environmental impact

Today Tim Hortons introduced their new “white hot beverage lids” at select restaurants across Canada with a plan to extend it to all stores. The Canadian coffee and donut giant says this is “the next step in its Tims For Good sustainability platform and embracing the philosophy of continuously seeking small changes that can add up to a larger impact.”

By changing the colour of the lids from brown to white the company is aiming to improve the value of these materials to recyclers. The belief being that white recyclable materials have better potential to be reused and repurposed into more new products, helping close the loop on recycling more of their packaging.

Tim Hortons says it has also been testing a new plastic-free fibre lid and is expanding those tests to more locations this year. The program is a continuation of efforts by Tim’s that have contributed to more than three billion units of packaging improvement at Tim Hortons.

“It’s about recognizing that given our scale at Tim Hortons, every small thing we do or change we make has the potential to make a big impact. White lids are another step in our sustainability journey, and we’re looking forward to testing plastic-free fibre lids with more guests this year.”

Paul Yang, Senior Director of Innovation and Sustainability, Tim Hortons

Canadian Government introduces single use plastic regulations nationwide

The government recognizes plastics that can easily be recycled play an important role in the everyday lives of many Canadians, but the truth is that only 9 percent of plastic waste is being recycled right now. “Smart, clear and collaborative regulations will help drive innovation across the country as reusable and easier-to-recycle items take their place in our economy.”, said Canada’s Environment and Climate Change Minister Steven Guilbeault upon introduction of the new regulations.

Tim Hortons says that it has been doing its part by eliminating one billion single-use plastics in 2021 that would otherwise have ended in landfills through the switch to new lids and paper straws. Tim’s also made a move to provide 100 per cent recycled-fibre napkins as well as new recyclable sandwich packaging to meet its goals.

Tim Hortons will continue trialing new sustainability programs

Tim Hortons said they are also preparing to launch another reusable and returnable packaging trial in Vancouver this year. Following up on a pilot project that launched last year in Ontario, it will offer Vancouver guests at participating restaurants the option of paying a deposit and receiving reusable and returnable cups. Since 1978 Tim Hortons has offered a 10-cent discount to people bringing in reusable mugs but that program was suspended due to COVID-19 safety concerns.


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