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Canada Post’s Journey Towards Net-Zero Emissions

Parcel delivery companies spearhead carbon-neutral initiatives for a greener tomorrow
The shipping industry is experiencing a paradigm shift as companies worldwide commit to sustainable practices, aiming for carbon-neutral shipping and net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Canada Post is at the forefront of this movement, taking significant steps to help Canadians and Canadian businesses make eco-friendly shipping choices. With the introduction of carbon-neutral ground services within Canada, the company aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050

The shipping industry is undergoing a transformative shift with global companies adopting sustainable practices. They aim for carbon-neutral shipping and net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Canada Post strives to lead this movement, taking considerable steps to enable Canadians and businesses to choose eco-friendly shipping options. With the introduction of carbon-neutral ground services within Canada, the company aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Canada Post’s Commitment to Sustainable Parcel Delivery

Canada Post is going beyond traditional shipping methods by offering carbon-neutral ground services for its Domestic and Expedited Parcel shipments. This includes flat rate boxes. This initiative reflects the their goal of reducing its environmental footprint and desire to help Canadians make sustainable shipping choices.

Each tonne of greenhouse gas emissions from domestic ground deliveries is offset by Canada Post. They achieve carbon-neutrality by purchasing high-quality, accredited carbon offsets, removing an equal tonne of emissions from the atmosphere. By investing in carbon offset projects, Canada Post neutralizes the environmental impact of its shipping operations.

Canada Post tool now allows small businesses and consumers to see the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their deliveries. The “Find a Rate” tool aims to help make informed decisions about their shipping options. Using the tool, customers select shipping options that suit their needs and preferences. No extra fees are charged for carbon-neutral shipping

Canada Post’s Support for the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project

Canada Post supports Indigenous-owned or led, nature-based offset projects in Canada, such as the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project. This project safeguards forests from logging and preserves existing carbon stocks. It also lowers emissions from harvesting, road construction, and other forestry activities. Owned entirely by a First Nations alliance, the project creates jobs while protecting the Great Bear Rainforest.

To ensure carbon offset effectiveness, Canada Post depends on the BC Carbon Registry, adhering to the Forest Carbon Offset Protocol. This registry, along with independent third-party verification, ensures that carbon removal is real, permanent, and additional.

Canada Post’s Science-Based Climate Targets

Canada Post’s targets involve reducing operational emissions by 50% by 2030 and attaining net-zero emissions across its value chain by 2050.

To achieve these goals, Canada Post plans to electrify 50% of its 14,000-vehicle fleet by 2030 and fully electrify by 2040. Additionally, the Corporation is enhancing its real estate portfolio with net-zero facilities, retrofits, and energy-efficient upgrades.

Working with Suppliers and Subsidiaries for Emission Reductions

Canada Post understands that achieving net-zero emissions requires a collaborative effort across its entire value chain. The Crown Corporation is actively engaging with suppliers and subsidiaries to establish science-based emission targets by 2025. The belief that a culture of sustainability and responsibility can be augmented throughout its network.

Canada Post highlights its dedication to carbon-neutral shipping and backing Indigenous-owned carbon offset projects. This marks a new chapter in the shipping industry. As the they progresses towards net-zero emissions, Canada Post aims to inspire other companies to follow suit, fostering a sustainable future for Canadian shipping.

FedEx and UPS Join the Race for Carbon-Neutral Shipping Solutions

Major shipping companies like FedEx and UPS are also making substantial efforts to adopt carbon-neutral practices and reduce their environmental impact. FedEx has announced its ambitious goal to achieve carbon-neutral operations globally by 2040. The company is investing more than $2 billion in vehicle electrification, sustainable energy, and carbon sequestration to reach this target FedEx’s Plan to Achieve Carbon-Neutral Operations. Similarly, UPS has introduced its Carbon Neutral Shipping Program, offering customers the option to offset the carbon emissions of their shipments. The company supports various carbon offset projects, such as reforestation and landfill gas destruction, to achieve its sustainability goals UPS Carbon Neutral Shipping Program.

The shipping industry is witnessing a significant shift towards sustainable practices, with major players like Canada Post, FedEx, and UPS leading the charge in carbon-neutral shipping solutions. As these companies invest in innovative technologies, eco-friendly initiatives, and carbon offset projects, they are setting the stage for a greener future in the shipping sector. Their commitment to achieving net-zero emissions serves as a powerful example for other businesses and encourages collective action to combat climate change and preserve our planet for generations to come.


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