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Smart Home Industry Set to Transform as ZEASN Acquires Foxxum and rlaxx TV, Launching Whale OS 4

Singapore’s ZEASN Technology Private Ltd acquired Foxxum GmbH and rlaxx TV GmbH. This move aims to make ZEASN the foremost independent provider of Connected TV (CTV) operating systems (OS) and AVOD/FAST products.

Growth Through A Comprehensive Platform

With an 85-million collective installed base of CTVs globally, the new entity has a commanding platform for content distribution. Moreover, ZEASN plans to grow its combined installed base to over 200 million in 3 to 5 years. Their AVOD/FAST service is accessible on 1.2 billion devices across 27 countries.

Introducing Whale OS 4

ZEASN and Foxxum will merge Whale OS 3 and Foxxum OS 4, creating Whale OS 4. This new system will use ZEASN’s AI-enabled algorithms to curate content tailored to individual preferences. Additionally, the new OS will feature a significant expansion of its app portfolio.

Global Streaming Services Join Forces

ZEASN will integrate its streaming service, Whale Live, with rlaxx TV. This integration will provide a more enriched platform for global content distribution. Furthermore, the merged services will operate under the name rlaxx TV.

A New Partnership Revenue Model

ZEASN will retain Foxxum’s unique revenue-sharing model, Mission 1 Joint Venture Alliance. Under this model, 80% of the monetization revenue from CTV operating systems is shared with partners. This way, ZEASN and its partners will benefit mutually.

Future Growth and Leadership Integration

All Foxxum and rlaxx TV executives will join the new group. Their industry expertise will enhance the leadership team. Both CEOs, Jason He of ZEASN and Ronny Lutzi of Foxxum and rlaxx TV, have expressed optimism about the potential of the combined companies. Also, this partnership paves the way for a possible ZEASN IPO.

Public Appearance at IBC 2023

The newly formed group will make its first public appearance at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2023 in Amsterdam. Here, they will showcase their joint vision, products, and solutions. The event will mark a significant moment in the world of smart home entertainment.


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