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Poll shows leader favourability highest for NDP’s Singh in upcoming Federal Election (18-54 age group).

The 55+ Age group find Singh 1 point lower than Trudeau

A Canadian federal election will arrive in 36 days, which is the bare minimum amount of days an election must be held for, as per the Canada Elections Act. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is planning to visit Rideau Hall on Sunday to ask that Parliament be dissolved, according to sources who spoke to CBC News on the condition they not be named.

Angus Reid released their latest leadership favourability polling for leadership prior to today’s announcement of an upcoming Canadian Federal Election September 20th with NDP leader Jagmeet Singh leading the likeability category for leadership. A distant third in all age groups is Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole who has said that the Liberals should not rush the country into a federal election during a pandemic.

Leader Favourability Among: 18-34:

Singh: 56%
Trudeau: 34%
O’Toole: 23%
Paul: 21%

Leader Favourability Among: 35-54:

Singh: 45%
Trudeau: 38%
O’Toole: 25%
Paul: 14%

Leader Favourability Among: 55+:

Trudeau: 44%
Singh: 43%
O’Toole: 32%
Paul: 13%


If elected, the well liked NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is promising to bring in universal prescription drug coverage, dental care and mental health supports within his first mandate and is vowing to bring in a wealth tax to help pay for it all.

In terms of a Federal Election Result the Liberals hold a 6 point lead over their Conservative Party colleagues according to Mainstreet Research / August 11, 2021 / n=909 / MOE 3.3% / IVR

Federal Polling:

LPC: 35% (+2)
CPC: 29% (-5)
NDP: 18% (+2)
BQ: 6% (-2)
GPC: 5% (-2)

Canadians don’t want an election though. A poll, commissioned by Torstar and conducted by Mainstreet Research over two days this week, found 65 per cent of respondents think this is not a good time to have an election.

Across Canada, support for an election was lowest in British Columbia, with 75 per cent of respondents opposed, and highest in the Prairies, where 48 per cent said now is the time for a federal campaign. Opinion was closer to the national average in Ontario, where 67 per cent oppose an election call, with 34 per cent in favour.


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