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Powerhouse Panels and Pioneers: The Diverse Voices That Shaped NAB Show 2024

The NAB Show 2024 was an unparalleled convergence of the brightest minds and innovative pioneers in the media and entertainment industry. From April 14-17 in Las Vegas, attendees witnessed firsthand the exciting evolution of media technology through a series of compelling talks and panels. Here, we highlight some of the most influential speakers and their contributions to the show.

The Magic of IMAX and Disney: The session “From Lens to Living Room – The Marvelous Magic of IMAX and Disney” was a major draw, featuring Bruce Markoe, the SVP at IMAX, alongside Carolyn Giardina, a seasoned editor from Variety, and Evan Jacobs from Marvel Studios. Their discussion offered unique insights into the storytelling capabilities enhanced by IMAX technology, emphasizing how cinematic experiences are crafted to captivate audiences worldwide.

AI’s Role in Entertainment: As artificial intelligence continued to be a focal point of technological advancement, “AI Revolution in Entertainment: One Year On…” helped deepen the understanding of this dynamic field’s trajectory. Speakers like Andy Maltz from General Intelligence dissected the ongoing impact of AI on content creation and distribution, exploring its transformative potential across the entertainment landscape.

Diversity and Inclusion in Sports Media: The panel on “D&I in Sports Media and Broadcasting: Redefining Athlete-driven Content” with WNBA star Alysha Clark delved into how inclusivity is shaping sports media. This discussion also featured Danyelle Wright from The E.W. Scripps Company and Deron Guidrey from PlayersTV, focusing on the intersection of sports, media, and social responsibility.

Generative AI: The dialogue around the responsible use of generative AI was furthered in “Leveraging Generative AI Responsibly: Balancing Benefits and Risks.” This panel included Arun Sundararajan from NYU and Carolyn Giardina returning to discuss the ethical implications and innovative prospects of AI in creating and managing digital content.

WWE’s Evolution: In “WWE’s Next Big Move: The Evolution of Sports Entertainment,” a panel including WWE’s VP Joseph Solari and other key figures outlined the transformative strategies WWE employed to evolve with the changing landscape of global entertainment, highlighting the integration of new media and fan engagement techniques.

Broadcasting Hall of Fame: The session recognized industry legends like Donnie Simpson and John and Callahan Walsh from “America’s Most Wanted”, celebrating significant contributions to broadcasting and media innovation. This acknowledgment served not only as an homage but also as an inspiration for future media professionals.

Creator Economy and Influencer Impact: A unique aspect of that year’s show was the focus on the creator economy, demonstrated by panels like “Creator Economy: From Million Dollar Listing to Estate Media, Transforming Entrepreneurs into Entertainers.” This discussion featured insights from reality star Cami Lincowski and CEO Griff O’Brien, exploring how digital platforms and personal branding are reshaping entertainment and entrepreneurship.

Future of Podcasting: With the explosive growth of podcasting, “The Great Reset: Future of Podcasting from Hollywood and Beyond” was a key attraction. Speakers like Adam Sachs from SiriusXM and Jackie Levine from Audible discussed emerging trends, content strategies, and technological advancements driving the future of podcasting.

Empowering Inclusion in Media: A crucial session titled “Empowering Inclusion: Content Creators as Social Changemakers” explored the impact of diverse voices in media production. Speakers like Cassandra Freeman, co-founder at Creatricity, and Madeline Di Nonno, CEO of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, discussed how inclusivity could drive creative output and foster broader social change within the industry.

The Future of AI in Streaming: On the forefront of technological integration, the “Paramount Global, Keynote Fireside Chat: The Current and Future Trends of AI in Media” featured Phil Wiser, EVP at Paramount Global, and Dan Rayburn, Conference Chairman at NAB Show Streaming Summit. This conversation provided insights into how AI was being leveraged to transform streaming services, enhancing personalization and improving viewer experiences.

Unscripted Content Evolution: The panel “Unscripted Evolution: How AI is Reshaping Reality TV and Documentaries” brought together industry experts like Andy Beach, CTO at Microsoft for Media and Entertainment, and Lori H. Schwartz, CEO of StoryTech. They delved into the dynamic ways AI was used to innovate production processes and content development in reality TV and documentary filmmaking.

Innovative Broadcasting Techniques: “Broadcasting Hall of Fame” not only honored legends in the field but also served as a platform for discussing the evolution of broadcasting techniques. Esteemed inductees like Erica Farber, President/CEO at RAB, and Curtis LeGeyt, CEO at National Association of Broadcasters, shared their insights on the industry’s transformation and the future of broadcasting.

Decentralized Filmmaking: “Decentralized Pictures and the Future of Fair and Transparent Filmmaking” featured a panel including Leo Matchett, CEO at the Decentralized Pictures Foundation, and Mena Suvari, actor and advocate for new filmmaking paradigms. This session explored how blockchain technology was used to democratize the filmmaking process, ensuring fair distribution and funding for creators worldwide.

The NAB Show 2024 offered a rich tapestry of topics, bringing together leaders from every corner of the media and technology industries. Each speaker not only added to the depth and diversity of the discussions but also enhanced the collective understanding of current trends and future directions in media and entertainment. This convergence of ideas at the NAB Show promised to propel the industry forward, making it an indispensable event for professionals seeking to stay at the forefront of innovation.


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