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Record-Setting Show Floor Bookings Boost IBC2023

Unprecedented Demand as Leading Global Players Expand Their Exhibition Space
IBC2023 conference: a convergence of global media and entertainment industry leaders, innovators, and startups showcasing groundbreaking technologies and fostering important dialogues about the future of the industry.

IBC2023, an innovation hotspot, is a defining event for the evolving global media and entertainment sector. The conference stimulates markets, promotes content accessibility, and fosters meaningful dialogues amid industry challenges. Emerging as an opportunity-rich platform, IBC2023 sets to redefine business norms and practices.

Attracting a global mix of tech buyers, innovators, end-users, government officials, and media professionals, the event spotlights revolutionary innovations. From leading brands to startups, IBC2023 offers insights into resilient business models and content monetization as media ecosystems complexify.

More than a conference, IBC2023 is a nexus for industry leaders to network and exchange ideas. It engages attendees with informative speakers and focuses on pivotal industry trends through a two-day program. IBC Changemaker sessions spotlight industry transformation through inclusivity, sustainability, and creativity, offering a chance to partake in positive change.

Exhibitor Expansion: The New Trend

As global industry leaders express an unprecedented demand for show floor space, IBC2023 experiences a phenomenal surge in bookings. This year, IBC saw over 80 companies sign contracts since the beginning of May, driving the total number of exhibitors to a whopping 1,000.

Returning exhibitors are not just attending – they are expanding their footprints. Brands such as Gravity Media, LTN, Ross Video, and Zixi are among the companies dramatically increasing their show floor space. This trend is contributing to a record-breaking 40,000 square meters of exhibition space, a considerable increase from last year’s 37,000 sqm.

Major Players and Newcomers: A Mix that Works

The wave of bookings included major industry players like AWS, Cisco, and Google Android, along with 100-plus newcomers. Leading the first-time exhibitors, LG spearheads a significant cohort of companies from the Asia Pacific region.

Finalized recently, the Exhibitor Steering Group is gearing up for its first official meeting. Its responsibilities include developing strategic plans for IBC, participating in special initiatives such as diversity and sustainability, and evaluating overall success – including gathering feedback from other exhibitors.

IBC’s Director, Steve Connolly, underscores the importance of understanding the exhibitors’ needs to ensure that they receive a significant Return on Investment (ROI). The Steering Group’s role becomes pivotal here as they can provide mentoring resources, particularly for show newcomers.

IBC2023: The Future of Media and Entertainment Industry

The recently formed IBC Exhibitor Steering Group, consisting of seasoned industry experts, has played a key role in propelling the momentum of IBC2023. The group’s mission, focused on providing strategic direction and imparting expert guidance on exhibitor-related initiatives, underscores its importance in shaping the event. Simultaneously, with its strong commitment to inclusivity, IBC2023 stands as a platform designed to ignite change, promote thought leadership, and stimulate engaging discussions. The event is poised to reshape industry expectations and deliver tangible business outcomes. As the defining stage for the future of the global media and entertainment industry, IBC2023 is set to be a game-changer in the sector.

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