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Health Canada recognizes February as Preventative Health Awareness Month

Health Canada is recognizing the importance of preventative health starting this February 1, 2023, with the inaugural Preventative Health Awareness Month (PHAM) envisioned by Margaret Wallis-Duffy, the founder of Become the CEO of your Health.

Through the collaboration of conventional and complementary medical professionals, PHAM will bring a proactive, integrated approach to healthcare to avoid the “pill for an ill, wait till it’s broken” mentality, which not only impacts Canadians’ quality of life, but the strain on the healthcare system.

“Currently our system is reactionary. If we started to listen more to our body mentally, physically and spiritually, and then actually went into action, we could do our part in preventing a possible diagnosis from happening or lessen the severity of it.”

 Margaret Wallis-Duffy, founder of Become the CEO of your Health

The campaign will help to stock the preventative health toolboxes of Canadians by educating them on various pillars of health each week, including stress and mindset, food as medicine, movement and mobility, and sleep. The month will also feature special focus days on topics such as suicide prevention, mental health among youth, addiction, bone health and menopause, to name a few.

“This is not just a month,” says Wallis-Duffy. “It will ignite conversations and create a community that’s going to continue year-long, not only to talk about prevention, but to put people into action.”

Wallis-Duffy has over 30 years of experience as the founder of Wallis for Wellness, an award-winning health and wellness clinic. She is also a passionate massage therapist, patient advocate and keynote speaker in the preventative health space.

Utilizing her years of experience at her clinic, she is reaching beyond treatment room walls to encourage Canadians to educate, empower and advocate for themselves to Become the CEO of their Health.

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