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Diverse Panel of Engineering Leadership Join INTERACT’s Progressive Tech Conference April 7th

The community driven conference designed for engineering team leads, managers, VPs, and CTOs looking to improve themselves and their teams.

Diversity and inclusion are key themes at many conferences this year. Not just talking about diversity though. Actually implementing, tracking, and making DE&I an integral part of the team culture in the tech world has become an important strategy shift for the world’s leading tech firms.

INTERACT, the community-driven conference for engineering leaders, is back for its second year. Featuring more than 50% female and minority speakers, INTERACT, hosted by LinearB, highlights some of the biggest names in engineering leadership, with speakers from Netflix, Slack, Stack Overflow, American Express, and more on April 7, 2022.

A Canadian contingent of engineering leaders will take to the airwaves including Tiffany Janzen (Tiff in Tech), Sr. Software Dev & Tech Consultant at IBM and Alwar Pillai, CEO of Toronto based Fable. Enterprises use Fable Engage to connect to people with disabilities for user research and accessibility testing. Fable Upskill provides custom training for digital teams to gain the skills to build inclusive products.

INTERACT’s free half-day virtual conference will host more than 1,500 engineering leaders from 75 different countries, features prominent influencers in software engineering, and has committed to accessibility measures including live captioning.

INTERACT is the community driven conference for engineering team leads, managers, VPs, and CTOs looking to improve themselves and their teams.

“There’s so much value packed into this conference with so many incredible speakers, you do not want to miss it,” said Tiffany Janzen, a.k.a. TiffinTech, in a recent YouTube video shared to over 500,000 developers who follow her across platforms. Masha Zvereva, founder of Stereotype Breakers, echoed Tiff’s sentiment in a recent post on Instagram, “Do you want to become a CTO? Sign up for INTERACT.”

It’s not just tech influencers who’ve taken notice.

The secret sauce of INTERACT, from my perspective, was just the people around it, both the organizers and participants. The members have done a great job in curating really interesting talks and speakers.

Nimrod Kramer, Co-Founder of Daily.Dev

Featured sessions include the CTO of Drata, one of the fastest companies ever to reach unicorn status, sharing two of his biggest “screw-ups” as an engineering leader and some of tech’s upcoming rockstars like American Express VP of Technology Sarvenaz Myslicki, for a live taping of the Dev Interrupted podcast which garners 2000+ downloads a week and boasts a Discord community of 2100+ engineering leaders.

Co-Founder & CEO of LinearB, Ori Keren has worked to make sure INTERACT is a force for inclusion and diversity in the industry.  “I wish I had a community of progressive engineering leaders I could’ve tapped into when I was a VP of Engineering. I’m proud INTERACT is giving a voice to the new faces of engineering leadership worldwide.”

To register for INTERACT, visit

Speakers include: 

  • Sarvenaz Myslicki, VP of Technology at American Express
  • Dana Lawson, SVP of Engineering at Netlify
  • Milena Talavera, VP of Engineering at Slack
  • Katie Wilde, VP of Engineering at Ambassador Labs
  • Kathryn Koehler, Dir. of Productivity Engineering at Netflix
  • Luca Rossi Rossi, Founder of Refactoring
  • Truong-An Thai, VP of Engineering at FloSports
  • Ben Matthews, Director of Engineering at Stack Overflow
  • Alwar Pillai, CEO of Fable
  • Shankar Ramaswamy, Head of Engineering at DataStax
  • Jennie MacDougall, Director of Engineering at Reprise
  • Patrick Jean, CTO at OutSystems
  • Daniel Marashlian, CTO & Co-Founder at Drata
  • Tiffany Janzen (Tiff in Tech), Sr. Software Dev & Tech Consultant at IBM
  • Masha Zvereva, Founder of Stereotype Breakers
  • Dan Lines, COO at LinearB
  • Ori Keren, CEO at LinearB


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