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Canadian Businessman Ryan Reynolds joins LinkedIn to hawk ad platform MNTN

I mean come on, ads are supposed to be fun!

You know him as an actor that is just about as charismatic as Canadians get, but, for those paying attention, Ryan Reynolds has not been asleep at the switch these past few years.

With initiatives such as Aviation Gin, his purchase of UK football club Wrexham A.F.C. (with fellow funnyman Rob McElhenny), and now – Reynolds is showing an impressive commitment to innovation across multiple industries.

After launching the most-watched movie of all time on Netflix, the actor decided to take a little sabbatical.

But today, the Green Lantern actor has just laid down the hottest pitch in Ad Tech on LinkedIn.

His adoration for ads and ad creative have led to him joining forces with a programmatic video ads platform in the “CaaS” space. His company Maximum Effort joined forces in July with performance TV campaign company MNTN (it’s pronounced Mountain, but spelled MNTN.) MNTN claims to be the future of TV and direct-response advertising, looking to drive performance for your digital campaigns with a full-funnel solution. Maximum Effort is a company that makes movies, tv series, content, ads, and cocktails for the personal amusement of the Hollywood Star (they occasionally release them to the general public).

Taking to a shiny new LinkedIn account today, Reynolds had a lot to say about the project’s newest subscription service in his inaugural “Hello World” social media blitz.

The Creative as a Subscription Platform

“While TVs have [changed a lot], the way we make TV Ads hasn’t changed much at all. That’s why Maximum Effort and I joined ad platform MNTN. Mountain has created a platform that makes distributing and measuring TV ads as simple as paid search or social. Today we’re adding our biggest innovation yet: Introducing creative as a subscription. A simple, affordable way to get your media and creative together. See, we think the rise of streaming services (all those pluses!) represents a once in a generation chance to improve the process of making TV Ads.”

“I mean come on, ads are supposed to be fun!” he added.

Reynolds also will be joining other famous celebrities like Conan O’Brien, Jessica Alba and Shaq on the popular Microsoft-owned business social network LinkedIn.

A TechBomb reporter reached out to Ryan Reynolds on LinkedIn for comment but he didn’t even view our profile yet. If he looks under “Who’s viewed my profile” we should be right there.

When he does, you can bet that he’s going to get a little Christmas tingle in his business belly.

Until then, go check out ad platform MNTN over at


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