AWS re:Invent returns to Las Vegas November 28 – December 2

For 10 years, the global cloud community has come together at re:Invent to meet, get inspired, and rethink what's possible.

AWS’s big industry conference is back in the Nevada desert for the 2022 session. The in-person conference is November 28 – December 2 in Las Vegas, with virtual opportunities to watch keynotes and leadership sessions live. AWS partners will descend on the convention to reinvent their 2022 plans around Amazon’s flagship software and cloud offerings.

If you can’t make it to Las Vegas, you can Register now for free to watch live keynotes and leadership sessions.

Partner Experience at re:Invent

This year’s Partner Experience at re:Invent offers content and activities designed specifically for AWS Partners and prospective partners alike. Learn how to leverage AWS services to build solutions for customers, and explore AWS Partner Network (APN) programs that can help differentiate your business to reach new customers faster.

There are both business and technical-focused breakout sessions, workshops, chalk talks, and the not-to-miss Partner Keynote on Wednesday, November 30.

Get all the info you need on topics such as health and safety, registration, and accessibility in the re:Invent FAQs.

AWS CEO Keynote with Adam Selipsky

Join Adam Selipsky, CEO of Amazon Web Services, as he looks at the ways forward-thinking builders are transforming industries and even our future, powered by AWS. His keynote is Tuesday, November 29 at 8:30 am.

Adam will highlight innovations in data, infrastructure, and more that are helping customers achieve their goals faster, take advantage of untapped potential, and create a better future with AWS.

AWS Partner Keynote with Ruba Borno

Join Ruba Borno, Vice President of AWS Worldwide Channels and Alliances, for the AWS Partner Keynote on Wednesday, November 30 at 3:00 pm.

Ruba will highlight the ways cloud-powered innovation is uniquely positioning AWS Partners to accelerate customer business transformations. Learn how AWS is tailoring the partner experience to guide partners to higher-value opportunities.

Additionally, hear directly from AWS Partners and customers about how the possibilities are unlimited when working together with AWS and the AWS Partner Network.

Leadership Sessions

There will be 20 leadership sessions offered at re:Invent this year. These sessions are a chance for attendees to hear directly from AWS leaders as they share the latest advances in AWS technologies, set the future product direction, and motivate you through compelling success stories.

Breakout Sessions and Partner Content

Don’t miss our AWS-led partner experience (PEX) breakout content. If you are attending virtually, the breakout sessions will be available on-demand the following week, December 6-10.

Breakouts are lecture-style sessions delivered by AWS experts, customers, and partners. Chalk talks are a highly interactive content format with a small audience. Each begins with a short lecture delivered by an AWS expert, followed by a Q&A session with the audience.

Workshops are two-hour interactive sessions where you work in teams or individually to solve problems using AWS services. Each workshop starts with a short lecture, and the rest of the time is spent working the problem. Bring your laptop to build along with AWS experts.

Monday, November 28

  • PEX205 – 10:45 am – Improving your solutions with AWS Partner technical validation  [Breakout]
  • PEX311-R1 – 10:45 am – [Repeat] List your products in AWS Marketplace  [Chalk Talk]
  • PEX304 – 10:45 am – Building a serverless data consumption platform on AWS  [Workshop]
  • PEX202 – 12:15 pm – TCO analysis with AWS services and Migration Portfolio Assessment  [Breakout]
  • PEX206 – 1:00 pm – Building a computer vision application for retail inventory  [Builders Session]
  • PEX302 – 1:45 pm – Accelerate migrations with AWS Migration Hub Orchestrator  [Workshop]
  • PEX312 – 2:30 pm – Enabling application development for hybrid Amazon EKS environments  [Chalk Talk]
  • PEX207 – 4:00 pm – Building a business case for workforce transformation  [Breakout]
  • PEX201 – 4:45 pm – Building a sustainable practice for tomorrow  [Breakout]

Tuesday, November 29

  • PEX303 – 11:00 am – Application modernization using Amazon EKS Blueprints for AWS CDK  [Workshop]
  • PEX210 – 11:45 am – Deliver faster customer value with AWS Partners and AWS Marketplace  [Breakout]
  • PEX204 – 11:45 am – Building solutions together with AWS Partner Solutions Factory  [Chalk Talk]
  • PEX314 – 1:15 pm – Building global applications with Amazon Aurora  [Chalk Talk]
  • PEX209 – 2:45 pm – Building your SaaS journey on AWS  [Breakout]
  • PEX213 – 3:30 pm – Co-selling integrator solutions with AWS  [Breakout]
  • PEX310 – 4:15 pm – Optimizing your multi-tenant SaaS architecture  [Breakout]

Wednesday, November 30

  • PEX307 – 9:15 am – Migrating business intelligence systems to Amazon QuickSight  [Breakout]
  • PEX301 – 9:15am – Creating AWS industrial IoT digital twins  [Workshop]
  • PEX214 – 11:30 am – Building a successful migration and modernization practice for AWS Partners  [Breakout]
  • PEX313 – 12:15 am – The SaaS control game: The heart of SaaS growth  [Chalk Talk]
  • PEX102 – 1:45 pm – Accelerate IoT innovation with Reynolds Consumer Products and DXC Technology  [Breakout]
  • PEX211 – 1:45 pm – Data platform strategy shaping enterprise transformation agendas  [Breakout]
  • PEX311 – 1:45pm – List your products in AWS Marketplace  [Chalk Talk]
  • PEX308 – 3:15 pm – Reinvent your business with an AWS modern data strategy  [Breakout]
  • PEX305 – 3:15 pm – AWS Contact Center Intelligence using AWS AI services  [Workshop]
  • PEX304-R1 – 6:15 pm – [Repeat] Building a serverless data consumption platform on AWS  [Workshop]
  • PEX309 – 7:00 pm – Learn how to modernize your customers’ ERP journeys on RISE with SAP and AWS  [Breakout]
  • PEX306 – 7:45 pm – Automatically stay in sync with AWS innovations at launch  [Breakout]

Thursday, December 1

  • PEX208 – 11:00 am – AWS ISV Accelerate co-sell checklist: Your guide for selling with AWS  [Breakout]
  • PEX101 – 1:15 pm – AWS Partner profitability framework  [Breakout]
  • PEX212 – 2:45 pm – Building a profitable AWS Public Sector Partner business  [Breakout]
  • PEX303-R1 – 2:45 pm – [Repeat] Application modernization using Amazon EKS Blueprints for AWS CDK  [Workshop]
  • PEX312-R1 – 4:15pm – [Repeat] Enabling application development for hybrid Amazon EKS environments  [Chalk Talk]

Friday, December 2

  • PEX314-R1 – 8:30 am – [Repeat] Building global applications with Amazon Aurora  [Chalk Talk]
  • PEX203 – 10:00 am – Simplify the vendor risk assessment process with Vendor Insights  [Breakout]

Attendee Guides for AWS Partner Personas

To help you plan and prepare for re:Invent, we’ve asked several AWS Ambassadors to provide recommendations on what to do during the conference. These guides include tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your experience.

Find inspiration from AWS Ambassadors who have created partner guides to help attendees find content based on specific areas of interest. Choose the persona you best identify with to learn more:


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