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Xsolla Innovates at Game Developers Conference with Wallet and Expanded Payment Solutions

In a significant move at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) this year, Xsolla, a leading global video game commerce company, unveiled the Xsolla Wallet. This new offering represents a leap forward in embedded finance solutions, aiming to transform how developers and creators monetize and access earnings instantly. The Wallet initiative is poised to address the monetization and engagement challenges faced by developers, streamlining the process to provide attractive incentives for creators worldwide while ensuring compliance across borders.

David Stelzer, President of Xsolla, emphasized the Wallet’s role in bridging developers and creators with a financial ecosystem tailored for the video game industry. “We’re bringing together our expertise to create unparalleled opportunities for monetization,” Stelzer stated.

Empowering Creators and Developers Through Xsolla Wallet

The Xsolla Wallet facilitates easier access to embedded finance services, simplifies compliance with integrated KYC and tax services, and leverages the Xsolla Partner Network (XPN) to expand developers’ influence. For creators, the Wallet offers direct payment options, including the Xsolla Mastercard, for immediate and convenient access to earnings.

Expanding Payment Options for the African Market

In addition to the Xsolla Wallet, the company announced its expansion in Africa by integrating MTN and Airtel mobile money services, adding access for 440 million customers and users. This strategic move is designed to cater to the unbanked population in regions like Ghana and Uganda, providing a vast new customer base for Xsolla merchants and simplifying transactions.

Penetrating the Japanese Market with PayPay

Xsolla also introduced Pay with PayPay as a new payment option for developers looking to expand into the Japanese market. With 58 million users, PayPay is Japan’s largest mobile payment app, offering a significant opportunity for developers to reach a new audience and meet the evolving needs of Japanese players.

“We’re excited to connect PayPay to Xsolla and allow our global partners to reach a new audience and offer another payment option to their players. This partnership will give our partners increased coverage for their players in Japan and allow them to tap into the power of innovative payment tech, like QR codes.”

Chris Hewish, CEO of Xsolla

Launching Web Shop 2.0 for Direct-to-Consumer Sales

The company unveiled Xsolla Web Shop 2.0, an advanced solution for web purchases that empowers game developers to construct direct-to-consumer monetization strategies. Drawing on the experience of launching over 210 Web Shops, Xsolla has designed the new version to increase revenue by encouraging gamers to make web-based purchases. The Web Shop 2.0 features advanced LiveOps tools, personalization, engagement strategies, and expert guidance for navigating web shop management.

Xsolla Web Shop 2.0 Features

  • LiveOps Tools: Features A/B testing, various offer types, and promotions to enhance player experiences.
  • Engagement and Personalization: Offers and promotions tailored to boost player engagement and loyalty.
  • Guidance and Support: Expert advice for managing web shops to increase earnings.
  • User Experience: Streamlined payments with one-click checkout and seamless authentication.

Meeting Xsolla at GDC

Xsolla’s announcements around GDC reflect the innovative solutions that address the immediate needs of content creators and support a more productive environment for their creations. By partnering with major companies like Mastercard and Paysafe, Xsolla continues to empower the global creator economy within the video game industry. Attendees and interested parties are encouraged to visit Xsolla at GDC for more information on these groundbreaking initiatives.

For further details on the Xsolla Wallet and other announced solutions, please visit Xsolla’s website at and follow their GDC presence for the latest updates and opportunities to engage with their team.


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