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Revolutionizing Gaming Insights: Xsolla Teams Up with AppsFlyer for Enhanced Analytics

Elevating Insights with Cross-Platform Measurement

While the mobile gaming industry is flourishing, many developers have struggled to precisely understand player behavior. This lack of clarity hampers their ability to make informed decisions about marketing tactics, in-game purchases, and overall game design. The fragmented nature of the mobile ecosystem, comprising diverse devices and platforms, compounds the challenge. As a result, developers often find themselves in a constant loop of trial and error, investing resources without a comprehensive understanding of their users’ preferences.

In an exciting development within the gaming industry, Xsolla, a global video game commerce company, has announced a significant partnership with AppsFlyer, a leading B2B SaaS/marketing technology company. This collaboration holds the potential to revolutionize how game developers gain insights and optimize their e-commerce strategies.

Unifying Analytics: Xsolla and AppsFlyer Join Forces

As the gaming industry continues to flourish, particularly driven by mobile revenue, Xsolla has identified the critical role of cross-platform measurement in helping developers and publishers maximize their online sales. This partnership introduces AppsFlyer’s expertise into Xsolla’s Web Shop services, bridging the gap between mobile and web platforms for a more comprehensive understanding of player behavior.

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with AppsFlyer. It’s a significant step forward in our ongoing support of mobile game developers. The mobile sector continues to drive global gaming revenue and growth. The combination of Xsolla’s Web Shop solution and AppsFlyer unlocks a wealth of data-driven insights into player behavior and engagement, webshop and marketing effectiveness, and web sales channel performance.”

Chris Hewish, CEO of Xsolla

Empowering Developers with Comprehensive Data Insights

The introduction of AppsFlyer’s analytics to Xsolla’s Web Shop services marks a turning point for game developers. This integration offers developers an opportunity to access invaluable player insights, estimate webshop and marketing efficiency, and elevate the overall performance of their web sales channel. Through easy-to-use dashboards, developers can gather and analyze user behavior, both within the game and on the web, and subsequently compare metrics to derive meaningful insights.

A Data-Driven Partnership for Gaming Success

Brian Murphy, AppsFlyer’s Head of Gaming, expresses the partnership’s potential to enhance measurement precision, enable user segmentation, and deepen the understanding of customer flow, behavior, and engagement. By uniting the strengths of both companies, AppsFlyer and Xsolla aim to empower marketers with greater control over their monetization strategies, budgets, and campaign insights.

Enhancing Monetization Strategies through Unified Analytics

This partnership’s core feature extends beyond merely tracking user data on the web. It endeavors to enhance efficiency and data control for those seeking to optimize their digital customer journey. The collaboration aligns with Xsolla and AppsFlyer’s shared mission to provide a unified cross-platform solution, encompassing PC, web, and app, facilitating seamless measurement across all marketing touchpoints and facilitating comprehensive analysis of customer journeys and activities.


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