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UBISOFT Announces RAINBOW SIX mobile

The game development was led by a new and dedicated team at Ubisoft Montreal

Today, Ubisoft announced Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Mobile, a new free-to-play, tactical first-person shooter mobile game for iOS and Android devices on the App Store and Google Play.

Ubisoft has been a powerhouse in game development in Canada since 1997. The governments of Montreal, Quebec, and Canada decided two decades ago that investments in gaming would go a long way to help create new multimedia jobs. Ubisoft is a studio that has reaped that benefit to the delight of game developers across Canada. Recent growth includes announcing it would expand its operations by hiring 200 people in Winnipeg Manitoba.

“I am excited to see the work that Ubisoft Winnipeg has already produced in its first years, and look forward to this studio’s bright future as part of Ubisoft.”

Nicolas Rioux, Ubisoft’s global deputy vice president of production technology


Most of that Canadian growth has come out of Canada’s epicenter of game talent, Montreal Quebec. Other Ubisoft studios involved in the latest addition to the Rainbow Six universe include the Winnipeg studio. Halifax, Paris, Quebec, Bucharest, Kyiv, Pune, RedLynx, Chengdu and Shanghai all had a hand in making the new Tom Clancy mobile experience.

The game is development was led by a new and dedicated team at Ubisoft Montreal. According to Ubisoft Rainbow Six Mobile intends to deliver a true Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege experience. An experience where tactical gameplay meets fast-paced action.

Players will face off in 5v5 Player-vs-Player (PvP) matches in the core game mode: Attack vs. Defense. Attackers will deploy observation drones to gain intel and strategically breach through destructible walls, floors and ceilings, while defenders will barricade all entry points and use spy cameras or traps to secure their location. By blending strategy with teamwork, players will experience the thrill of intense close-quarter combat as they alternate between attacking and defending to win it all.

Gear up and compete in classic Rainbow Six Siege locations, adapted for mobile. Future updates will include additional maps!

Players will assemble a fully customizable team of highly trained operators from the Rainbow Six universe, each equipped with their own unique skillset, weapons and gadgetry. The game will also reintroduce iconic maps from Rainbow Six Siege, including Bank and Border, and feature PvP game modes such as Secure Area and Bomb. With high stakes and only one life to spare, players will need to quickly adapt to their environments and master the art of fortifying locations and breaching enemy territory to lead their team to victory.

Rainbow Six Mobile has been developed and optimized for mobile platforms, with exclusive modes and customizable controls to fit players’ level of comfort to play on the go.

Players can now sign up for a chance to participate in upcoming tests at


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