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MIGS 2023 Paves the Way for Gaming Industry Innovation

MIGS will solely focus on Business to Business opportunities

This November 8th to 9th, the Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary at the iconic Marché Bonsecours, marking a historic moment for the gaming industry in Montreal. In partnership with La Guilde du jeu vidéo du Québec and XP Gaming, MIGS is set to transform into a nexus for Business to Business (B2B) development, shining a light on the burgeoning potential within Québec and Canada’s vibrant video game sector.

A Business-Focused Arena

A stellar lineup of global networking sessions, world-class speakers, and a tailored B2B exhibit space awaits industry professionals. The event is a networking goldmine for publishers, distributors, investors, and developers, serving as a global magnet for those aiming to create pivotal industry connections.

Unveiling the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) Program

The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) is set to amplify the summit’s reach by implementing a B2B matchmaking initiative, designed to interlace Canadian innovation with international markets. The TCS is committed to recruiting eminent publishers and investors for in-person interactions. Last year, the service successfully catalyzed over hundreds of meetings, connecting Canadian enterprises with international game industry across the globe.

Québec’s Game Development Ecosystem: A Global Leader

Québec continually stands out as a titan in game development, with the province boasting the third-largest hub for game production worldwide. It’s the crucible of blockbuster titles like Assassin’s Creed and Batman: Arkham Origins, nurturing nearly 300 studios and over 14,500 jobs. Québec’s success is no fluke; it’s a concerted effort, bolstered by competitive tax incentives, government loans for start-ups, and a robust infrastructure supporting creative industries.

The Heartbeat of MIGS 2023: The Québec Video Game Guild

The Québec Video Game Guild is pivotal to the province’s thriving video game scene, advocating for a unified industry landscape that promotes sharing, mentorship, and community. The Guild’s vision is clear-cut: to elevate its members to new heights and champion Québec as the premier global hub for video game development.

Immerse Yourself in MIGS23

Conference Schedule:

  • Wednesday, Nov 8 and Thursday, Nov 9 from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Exclusive MIGS23 Networking Events:

  • VIP Welcome Cocktail Party: Tuesday, Nov 7 at 6 PM at the Intercontinental Hotel.
  • VIP Cocktail Mixer by Ubisoft: Wednesday, Nov 8 at 6 PM.
  • The Official MIGS After Party: Wednesday, Nov 8 at 8 PM.

MIGS 2023 Event

As the Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) gears up for its 20th anniversary on November 8th and 9th at Marché Bonsecours, it promises to be a hub for practical business-to-business (B2B) engagement within the video game industry.

Québec’s notable position as a hub for game development provides a backdrop for the event, demonstrating the potential for growth and collaboration in the industry. The summit represents not just a meeting of minds but a launching pad for the next wave of innovation in gaming.


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