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IBC2023 Delves Deep into the World of Esports and Gaming

The Gaming, Film, and TV Nexus
The Esports Zone, a dedicated space of almost 500 sqm, will demonstrate the very latest in esports production workflows and technology via three distinct production setups, a partner zone and a networking area. The zone is an interactive, immersive experience, using state-of-the-art racing simulators as the basis of the content generation, and offering the chance to meet esports experts Unlocked.

In the unfolding scenario of the entertainment realm, IBC2023 prominently marks a transformation. As the event begins, the synergy between film, TV, and the burgeoning gaming industry becomes more pronounced. This year, participants will not only get a taste of this convergence but will also delve deeper. They’ll have the privilege to explore an unparalleled array of gaming and esports activations. These range from zones that offer an immersive experience to thought-provoking sessions at the Showcase Theatre.

Venturing into the IBC2023 Esports Zone: Gaming Enthusiasts’ Ultimate Destination

Stepping into Hall 8, one can immediately sense the palpable excitement emanating from the Esports Zone. Spanning a generous 500 sqm, this space is nothing short of a gamer’s wonderland. Unlocked, a frontrunner in the gaming industry, powers this zone. Enthusiasts can navigate through five uniquely themed zones, each one offering insights into the latest in esports production workflows and technological advances. Moreover, the presence of state-of-the-art racing simulators not only enhances the hands-on experience but also paves the way for next-gen content creation. This zone, beyond its core offerings, serves as a networking goldmine. Professionals can engage with the industry’s leading lights.

Voices that Resonate: Glimpses from the Esports Tech Zone

Several industry experts are set to take the stage at the Esports Tech Zone. Thiadrik Oldersma of Unlocked, for instance, will shed light on the ever-growing domain of esports broadcasting. Furthermore, Anna Kovalivska and Tiana Sinclair, both representing Streamlabs, will delve into “Streamlabs Ultra” and “Dual Output” respectively. The lineup is rich, touching upon a diverse range of topics, right from the nuances of broadcast integration in esports to the fascinating realm of gamer research.

Embracing Innovation with IBC Esports Tech Tours

Those eager for a more structured exploration of the esports landscape should not miss the IBC2023 tech tours. Slated for the 17th and 18th of September, these tours are meticulously crafted to display a wide array of technologies central to esports. With insights curated by industry connoisseurs, participants are guaranteed an all-encompassing view of the most recent tech trends and breakthroughs that are propelling esports to new heights.

The Future Unveiled: Gaming & Esports Content Programme

Hall 12’s Showcase Theatre promises an engaging session come the 18th of September. A collaboration with industry giants like Omdia and Ubisoft ensures a captivating discussion on the dynamic overlap of gaming and mainstream media. The agenda promises to highlight emerging trends across gaming consoles, cloud-based gaming platforms, and subscription models. Additionally, there’s a focus on the increasing potential of in-game advertising. This segment will decode strategies brands and advertisers employ to leverage streaming platforms, captivating gamers and promoting their offerings.

Esports Zone: Meet the Maestros

For those keen on insights, the Esports Tech Zone speaker lineup promises a treat:

  • Thiadrik Oldersma, Unlocked: The evolution and potency of esports broadcasting.
  • Anna Kovalivska, Streamlabs: A close look at “Streamlabs Ultra”.
  • Tiana Sinclair, Streamlabs: Understanding the intricacies of “Dual Output”.
  • Erik Hauters, A candid discussion on esports from their vantage point.
  • Karsten Schonauer, Shikenso: Techniques to assess and interpret broadcast integrations within esports.
  • Darren Gosney, Blackmagic: An intimate chat revolving around their product suite and potential applications.
  • Sebastian Hornung, Overtake: A dialogue centered on their organizational pursuits and learning journeys.
  • Birger De Geyter, Unlocked: A comprehensive exploration of esports through the lens of Unlocked.
  • Daniel Offen, Loadout: The art and science of researching gamer preferences and behaviors.


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