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GDC Highlights Game Development in the Cloud: AWS Game Tech Sessions

The Game Developer Conference is back in full force and will take place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, March 21-25, 2022, with a robust virtual offering online. Conference sessions will be taking place each day from 9:30 am-6:30pm PT, with select sessions available on-demand online.

Game Development in the Cloud is becoming the new standard

One of the trending topics for game studios is how they manage their game development strategy when most employees will continue to work from their home office for the foreseeable future. No doubt the pandemic hyper charged the need for companies to switch quickly and efficiently to a remote model. For companies like Amazon it was a boon to adoption of services like Game Tech. With gaming goliaths listed on the AWS case study site including Epic Games, Gearbox, Ubisoft, PlayStation, and Zynga the platform serves to reduce downtime and save costs, increase productivity and efficiency, extend the life of your game, and enable faster innovation so studios can focus on players instead of infrastructure. 

Learn from AWS experts and leading game studios in our breakout sessions

Amazon recently launched a 3D online role-paying game today where players move through a virtual city helping people solve real-world technology issues and cloud use cases, with goal of building Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud skills and preparation for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

‘AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner’ is an all-new 3D role-playing games designed by AWS to help people become AWS cloud experts by solving real-world cloud business use cases in the game, as Amazon continues to invest hundreds of millions in providing free cloud computing training.

“Cloud Quest is an open-world role-playing game that teaches you how to build real AWS solutions using cloud concepts and exercises,” explains a March 14 video. “As a cloud practitioner, you’ll venture on a journey to help the citizens in town transform their city by using cloud solutions. 

Highlighted below are some of the sessions available to attendees looking to get the most out of their AWS game development strategy.

AWS Game Tech Keynote

March 23  |  10:30AM  – 11:30AM

AWS Game Tech provides the broadest portfolio of cloud services and solutions to help game developers of all sizes build faster, run smarter, and grow fun, innovative games. Join our Game Tech product and solutions teams as they unveil the latest Game Tech services, solutions, and partners to help you build your next great game.

Speakers Chris Lee, GM Amazon Lumberyard, AWS Antony Passemard, GM Amazon Nimble Studio, AWS John Kennedy, Sr. Manager Amazon Lumberyard, AWS Chris Byskal, GM Game Operations, AWS Toufeeq Hussain

Building a game developer community

March 23  |  3:30PM – 4:00PM

Learn how to grow and earn trust with your game community by using AWS machine learning solutions. In this session, see how to engage and retain your player base and moderate in-game content. Find out more on how to empower your community members by using AWS Game Tech solutions and machine learning tools.

Speakers Rahul Naryani, Senior Product Manager, AWS Game Tech, AWS Rohan Dubal, Software Development Manager, AWS Game Tech

Our remote future: Game creation and collaboration with AWS

March 23  |  4:00PM – 4:30PM

Technologies for game creation are converging and evolving faster than ever for game artists, designers, and developers. Game studios are under increasing pressure to keep the project moving while balancing remote work and overall job satisfaction for their teams. Where is it all leading us? Join Antony Passemard, GM Amazon Nimble Studio, to learn how AWS services and solutions are not only pulling core game development technologies together but are also enabling remote teams to maintain productivity with better work-life balance.

Speakers Antony Passemard, GM Amazon Nimble Studio, AWS

Redefining online multiplayer experiences on PlayStation 5

March 24  |  10:00AM – 10:30AM

Using the opportunity of a generational jump from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, Sony Interactive Entertainment reimagined its online multiplayer ecosystem to meet game developer and player needs at a global scale. In this session, Sony Interactive Entertainment shares how it reinvented its legacy architecture and uses AWS to ensure high scalability, availability, and flexibility to meet changing demands for the next generation of play.

Speakers Benedikt Neuenfeldt, Staff Solution Architect—Game Experience, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Scaling Ubisoft Rainbow Six Extraction to millions of players with GameLift

March 24  |  10:30AM – 11:00AM

Managing and preparing for the launch of a AAA live game can be overwhelming at times, especially with a small team. In this session, hear how Ubisoft Montréal launched Rainbow Six Extraction with a dedicated deployment pipeline built with automation and redundancy in mind as well as leveraging the Amazon GameLift multi-Region feature. Hear how they managed to deploy, monitor, and optimize game servers on 18 data centers without any downtime or infrastructure issues.

Speakers Lionel Sellam, Live Operations Manager, Ubisoft Montréal

Build a cloud-based game using AWS

March 25  |  10:00AM – 10:30AM

Studios are increasing their agility, accelerating production, and improving their team’s work/life balance across the globe with remote game development for connected games. In this session, learn how to create amazing content from anywhere – all with AWS. 

Speakers Aliasgar Dahodwala, Software Development Manager, AWS Game Tech Nick Delos Santos, Sr. Software Engineer, AWS Game Tech

Giving your game the best chance of success with the cloud

March 25  |  10:30AM – 11:00AM

AWS has helped studios of all sizes successfully launch many games, from indie studios to the likes of Ubisoft and Epic. This gives AWS unique insight into what behaviors and actions give studios the best chance of their game being a success. In this session, Tristan Greaves, Game Tech Solutions Architecture Leader, dives into the lessons learned from his team supporting customers in launching and running their games on the cloud. What sets you up for success? What could put your launch at risk? And once your game is out there, how can you keep up the momentum?

Speakers Tristan Greaves, Solutions Architecture Leader, AWS

AWS Learning Center provides Skill Builder Content to get you prepped for success

AWS Learning Plans are courses offered by the company designed to give beginners a clear path to learn. AWS Game Tech Learning Plan eliminates the guesswork—you don’t have to wonder if you’re starting in the right place or taking the right courses.

If you’re a beginner looking for a clear starting point to help you build a career or learn to produce games in the AWS Cloud, we recommend you start with an AWS Learning Plan. This set of on-demand courses will increase your knowledge of game servers and game analytics and help grow your technical skills to solve real-world game development, compute, and analytics problems.
Start the Game Tech Learning Plan


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