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Evertz Launches Live Media Production Solution to Microsoft Azure Marketplace

BRAVO's platform is ideal for entertainment, gaming and sports productions.

Burlington, Canada — Evertz, the Canadian global leader in media and entertainment technology solutions, is proud to announce the availability of the award-winning DreamCatcher BRAVO Studio on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, allowing media companies and enterprises a flexible and cost-effective all-in-one production studio for multi-camera live events.

DreamCatcher BRAVO Studio is a virtual live production studio that includes all the tools needed to create broadcast quality productions. BRAVO Studio captures multiple live camera feeds and Microsoft Teams participants and mixes them with other media (including video and audio). Creators and producers can enhance their production with comprehensive audio mixing, multiple video overlays and transitions, slow motion replays, highlight packages, and data-driven dynamic graphics. Using the global presence of Microsoft Azure, operators can access all of BRAVO Studio’s tools via an intuitive web interface from anywhere in the world to professionally produce any live experience.

“In the media and entertainment industry, content is king. With the inclusion of BRAVO Studio to Microsoft Azure Marketplace, we harness the advantages of a cloud platform to enable content creators to produce high quality live events to tell compelling and engaging stories. As a Microsoft Partner, the availability of BRAVO Studio on Microsoft Azure Marketplace allows anyone to create and deliver a professionally produced, high quality live experience to their audience on any platform.”

Mo Goyal, Sr. Director, International Business Development at Evertz

At NAB 2022, Evertz’ BRAVO Studio will be part of the Digital Experience Solution, a collaboration between Microsoft, Lumen, Evertz and MediaKind, which will be showcased on Microsoft’s booth. Leveraging Microsoft Azure, BRAVO Studio will be used to produce a live, multi-camera podcast at Microsoft Booth throughout the NAB event.

“With the addition of Evertz and their BRAVO Studio to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, we’re extending our platform to support the growing needs for live event production of the enterprise, media and entertainment industries – bringing a more scalable and flexible solution for content creation using the cloud.”

Simon Crownshaw, Director, Worldwide Business Strategy, Media & Entertainment at Microsoft Corp
BRAVO Studio | How to Produce a Small-Scale Live Event. BRAVO’s innovative platform is ideal for entertainment, gaming and sports productions.


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