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Canadian Startups will pitch off today at SAAS NORTH

The 4th annual SAAS NORTH PitchFest presented by Amazon AWS is back on the stage in Ottawa, Canada. This year almost 100 companies applied – but only 8 finalists will be selected by the judges.

At SAAS NORTH, four of the finalists will present to the official SAAS NORTH judging panel each day, in front of the SAAS NORTH audience. A winner from day one and two will be selected, culminating in an exciting grand-finale at the end of Day 2 November 18th. The two winners will compete head-to-head in a dramatic winner-takes-all rapid  pitch-off!

Pitchfest 2021 Finalists – SaasNorth

The SAAS NORTH audience of leading SaaS investors and entrepreneurs will decide the grand prize winner by live people’s choice voting.

Entrepreneurs will get exposure to the biggest investors in SaaS in Canada and win $125,000 in cash and in-kind prizes

This year’s grand prize includes:
$10,000 cash prize provided by Amazon Web Services
up to $100,000 in cloud credits provided by Amazon Web Services
A package of Intellectual Property support & services valued at $10,000 provided by Stratford Intellectual Property
Custom explainer video package valued at $5,000 provided by Simple Story

Here are this year’s finalists

BioTwin harnesses AI, biomarkers and biometrics to create a virtual human copy. These digital twins allow early detection & prediction of diseases and innumerable simulations. Through a “toolbox” ecosystem, this technology is revolutionizing the wellness & healthcare fields by making personalized & preventive medicine a reality.
Founded by a maritime industry logistics professional, Canscan understands the needs of your business. At Canscan, we develop AI driven systems that use your existing infrastructure to optimize container handling processes and speed-up your workflow.
Click Armor will help organizations build a “cyber herd immunity” against phishing, social engineering scams and other risks related to human behaviors.
FarmerNet’s revolutionary AI blockchain technology measures, reports, and verifies carbon credits.

Nook is a mobile-first calendar and collaboration application designed for people, teams and companies that want to work flexibly. Seamlessly works with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook/Teams, Slack and Zoom.
SaaS company that removes the headaches of document management for many industries to stop paying so many high fees due to loss of expiration dates.
Shapeshift 3D specializes in the development of software solutions aimed at digitizing and automating the customization of high-performance medical and sports body equipment.
Talkatoo is dictation software designed for veterinary professionals, enabling them to save time. Talk, Don’t Type.


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