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Axiom Space Uses Canadarm3 Technology for New Space Station

Contract for robotic interfaces another important milestone as company brings full suite of commercial space products to market

Axiom made news this year when it sent its first space tourists into orbit. Axiom is a commercial spaceflight company that hopes to build its own space station in the next few years. It also plans human spaceflight for government-funded and commercial astronauts engaging in in-space research, in-space manufacturing, and space exploration.

Mike Greenley, MDA CEO

The country’s leading provider of advanced space technology, MDA Ltd, announced its first commercial sale of the Canadarm3 technology. The buyer Axiom Space. The contract is for the delivery of 32 external robotic interfaces for Axiom Space’s Axiom Station which is now under construction and on schedule to be the world’s first commercial space station in orbit.

The MDA technology destined for Axiom Station includes commercial variants of Canadarm3 interfaces destined for the Artemis Gateway. It will be provide opportunities for commercial users in the competitive marketplace space technology is rapidly adapting to for private and commercial use.

“The sale of our Canadarm3 technology to Axiom Space signifies a major shift in the commercial landscape and is a turning point for MDA as we fulfill our vision of bringing a full suite of space robotics products to market.”

Mike Greenley, CEO of MDA

Greenley went on to say, “As the global space economy continues to accelerate, there is increasing demand for a wide variety of space robotics designed to fulfill all kinds of objectives – and MDA is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this opportunity. Today’s announcement is just the beginning of this journey, and yet another proof point that MDA can meet the growing needs of space companies around the world.”

In 2021 Axiom Space raises $130 million to scale production of private space stations

The MDA interfaces aboard Axiom’s space station will also include those that allow the existing Canadarm2 on the International Space Station (ISS) to build and assemble the new Axiom Station. Once that stage is complete, MDA’s Canadarm3 interfaces will act as permanent robotic system fixture points on the outside of Axiom Station, forming the foundation for future robotic arm integration and utilization once it separates from the ISS and operates independently.

“Canadarm technology has been a mainstay in human spaceflight and will continue to be a pivotal part in this next chapter in human exploration as we build a robust economy in low Earth orbit that benefits all of humanity, in space and on Earth.”

Michael Suffredini, President and CEO of Axiom Space

Built and operated through private sector funds, Axiom Station will initially be attached to the ISS and will separate from the ISS before NASA decommissions the ISS at the end of the decade. Axiom Station will serve as a global research and commercial hub establishing a robust and competitive economy in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). It will be used for a variety of activities, including in-space manufacturing, human spaceflight missions to LEO, and deep space exploration.

Axiom Mission 1 Launches to the Space Station (Official NASA Stream)


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